Halloween Fun!

  • Halloween Ants Go Marching

    Who is trick or treating on Halloween? Enjoy this song (to the tune of the Ants Go Marching) this Halloween with Bounce Patrol. See a Ghost, a Bat, a Witch and more!

  • Halloween Fun!

    In the lead up to Halloween enjoy 30 minutes of uninterrupted Bounce Patrol with our favourite Halloween songs!

  • Wheels on the Bus (On Halloween)

    Let's go trick or treating with the Wheels on the Bus kids nursery rhyme. There's lots of spooky creatures on the bus this Halloween - I see a ghost, a witch, a bat and a monster! Happy Halloween!

  • This is the Way on Halloween

    This is the way we get dressed up, get dressed up, get dressed up
    This is the way we get dressed up on Halloween
    Dressing up on Halloween, it’s a spooky kooky thing
    Sing, shout, scream, on Halloween

    This is the way we trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat
    This is the way we tric...

  • Halloween Stomp

    Stomp around and do the Halloween Stomp with us! It's a fun Halloween dance! Can you do the werewolf wiggle? What about the skeleton jiggle? Let's see those Halloween dance moves!

  • Alphabet Halloween

    Learn the alphabet and phonics this Halloween. How many Halloween words do you know? There's a bat, skeleton, ghost and witch!

  • Halloween Baby Shark

    Everybody's favourite Shark Family are back for Halloween! Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo! Happy Halloween

  • Let's Get Spooky

    What will you dress up as this Halloween? We have lots of silly costumes in this video. There's even a cute little pixie :) So put on your costume, and let's get spooky! Happy Halloween!

  • Witches on Halloween

    Sing and dance with Bounce Patrol this Halloween - ride your broom, wave your wand, cast a spell and stir your potion like a spooky wicked witch! Grab your broomsticks and let's go flying through the air... Be the witchiest witch the world has seen, when you're a witch on Halloween!

  • Halloween Rules

    What do you wanna be for Halloween?
    A ghosty or a goblin or the fairy queen?
    A superhero red and blue?
    A monkey or a mouse, it’s up to you

    Ding dong, trick or treat
    Walking up and down the street
    Halloween Night is way to cool
    Ding dong trick or treat
    Candy and make believe
    Can you shout...

  • The Skeleton Dance

    Get your Halloween costume and shake your dancing bones! First your legs get wobbly, then both your arms do too - can you wobble like a skeleton?

  • Halloween Finger Family - Part 2

    The Halloween Finger Family are back! Let's meet all the monsters - there's a pumpkin, a skeleton, a vampire, a bat and a spooky spider! Happy Halloween!

  • Feliz Halloween

    This Halloween we’re going trick or treating spanish style
    How do you say Happy Halloween in spanish?

    Feliz Halloween (Happy Halloween)
    Feliz Halloween (Happy, happy Halloween)
    Feliz halloween

    Trick or treating down the street from casa to casa
    Casa? That means house
    Every front yard ha...

  • On Halloween

    Ba dup bup, bup bup bup
    What do skeletons do, on Halloween?
    Wiggle their fingers, jiggle their feet
    Do a little dance up and down the street
    Knock on your door for a trick or treat
    Everybody do what a skeleton does!
    Ba dup bup, bup bup bup

    What do vampires do on Halloween?
    Clean their te...

  • Everybody Loves Halloween

    Knocking on doors, trick or treat
    From house to house, street to street
    Candy, fun and lots of screams
    Everybody loves Halloween

    I’m all dressed up this Halloween night
    Face paint, coloured hair, cobwebs everywhere
    There’s werewolves, witches, zombies too
    Fairies, x-men, ghosts, boo!


  • Halloween Finger Family

    It's our spooky Halloween Finger Family special! There's a ghost, a witch, a werewolf and mummy and Frankenstein's monster!

  • Happy Halloween Band

    Today is Halloween
    The coolest thing about it is that you can be
    Anything you wanna be
    Hey, I’ve got a plan… let’s dress up like a Halloween band!
    A band? A Halloween band!

    I’ll be a witch… and I’ll play broom guitar
    I’ll play the bass (vampire laugh)
    I’ll be a superstar
    Superman layin’ ...