Original Songs

Original Songs

Original Songs
  • See you at the Market (with Patrol Squad Intro)

    Come on down to the market and meet the farmers that grow our food! There's spinach, tomatoes, apples, strawberries and brocc... oh wait there isn't any broccoli! Can someone please tell Will how to grow vegetables?

    Includes a fun introduction exclusive to for our subscribers.

  • Do the Funky Robot

    Dance like a robot! It's easy, just bend your elbows and stomp around - copy what we do! Can you talk like a robot too? Beep boop bing ding ding

  • Vegetables Song (So Yummy!)

    Need a little help convincing a picky eater to try their vegetables? Bounce Patrol love their veggies (so yummy!) so copy along with us, and try them too 😀🥦 So Yummy, I love it!

  • Let's be Superheroes

  • Good Morning, Farm Animals

    Learn animal sounds and dance along with Bounce Patrol in this fun kids song. Can you dig like a dog, leap like a sheep and jig like a pig? Say good morning to all our farm animal friends!

  • Happy Hands

    Let's wash our hands! The chorus is 20 seconds long, so you can sing this tune with your kids to help them wash their hands for the right amount of time. Make hand washing fun - suds and bubbles gimme more!

  • Ball Pit Party

    Can you find all the colors in the ball pit? There's red, yellow, blue, pink, purple and orange. We setup an indoor playground in our studio and had fun playing in the giant ball pit! Yes

  • Bounce Like a Bunny

    It's Easter time again! Bounce like a bunny with Bounce Patrol! An energetic song to get your children up and bouncing (literally this time).

  • Kid's Life

    Oh we could be pirates, Sailing the ocean, We could be all you like
    We could be astronauts, Chasing a rocket, Or maybe just counting stars

    We could be dancers, Jumping like monkeys, Swimming like dolphins do
    We could be colors, You can be yellow, We could be purple too

    Call your Mum, c...

  • Construction Machines

    Digging holes in the ground, pushing rocks and dirt around
    Lift it… Move it… Construction machines can do it

    Dig dig dig with a big big digger, digging holes in the ground
    Dig dig dig with a big big digger, moving rocks and dirt around
    Let’s dig holes in the ground
    Dig dig brmmm brmmm...

  • If Animals Danced

    Animals song for kids to get them up and grooving! Can you do all the animal dance moves? Jump like a kangaroo and sway your trunk like an elephant

    If animals danced how would they move?
    Show me how many you can do

    Do the Kangaroo Jump
    Do the Hippo stomp
    Do the Penguin Waddle
    Do the D...

  • What Sound Does a Lion Make?

    What sound does a lion make? Roar, roar
    How does a lion communicate? Roar, roar
    The king of the jungle, the leader of the pride
    When a lion roars all the other animals hide, roar!

    Prowl through the jungle very late at night
    Sneak up on some dinner and give a great big fright! Roar

  • Astronauts!

    Join Bounce Patrol on an adventure that's out of this world! We blastoff in our rocket ship and explore the galaxy making new friends along the way!

  • On Halloween

    Ba dup bup, bup bup bup
    What do skeletons do, on Halloween?
    Wiggle their fingers, jiggle their feet
    Do a little dance up and down the street
    Knock on your door for a trick or treat
    Everybody do what a skeleton does!
    Ba dup bup, bup bup bup

    What do vampires do on Halloween?
    Clean their te...

  • Colours Everywhere

    Colours! Colours!
    What colours do you see?
    Colours! Colours!

    The colour red, the colour red
    It’s the colour of the apple on my head
    And like Santa bringing presents in his sled
    The colour red… Whoa oh oh! Hey!

    The colour blue (colour blue)
    Rhe colour blue (colour blue)
    It’s the colo...

  • Make a Silly Face

    What can you do when a friend is feeling sad? Make a silly face to cheer them up! Make silly faces with Bounce Patrol!

  • To the Music

    Bup bah ba dah bop, bop bop ba dup bop
    Bup bah ba dah bop, bop bop ba dup bop

    I can clap my hands to the music (Clap clap, clap clap, clap clap, clap clap)
    I can stomp my feet to the music (Stomp stomp, stomp stomp, stomp stomp, stomp stomp)
    I can laugh out loud to the music (A ha ha ha...

  • Witches on Halloween

    Sing and dance with Bounce Patrol this Halloween - ride your broom, wave your wand, cast a spell and stir your potion like a spooky wicked witch! Grab your broomsticks and let's go flying through the air... Be the witchiest witch the world has seen, when you're a witch on Halloween!

  • Cooking in the Kitchen

    Put your apron on (wash your hands)
    Let’s get out some pots and pans
    Cups, plates and a wooden spoon
    Tap tap tap a little cooking tune

    Cos cooking in the kitchen is so much fun
    We’re cooking dinner for everyone
    We’re cooking in the kitchen, baking a cake
    So many yummy things we c...

  • Counting Song

    One two three four five six seven eight nine ten, COUNT!
    One two three four five, six seven eight nine ten
    There’s so many things to count, won’t you help us count them

    How many cats sitting in the sun? One (ONE) - just one
    How many pandas at the zoo? One two (THAT’S RIGHT, ONE TWO)

  • We're Firefighters

    A fun song for children who like fire trucks and adventure! Come along for a ride in our fire engine (honk honk!) and help Bounce Patrol put out the fire! Nee-naw nee-naw nee-naw....

  • Let's Drive

    Let's go for a drive in our car. Seat belts on, everybody ready? Yes we are! Beep beep!

  • Halloween Rules

    What do you wanna be for Halloween?
    A ghosty or a goblin or the fairy queen?
    A superhero red and blue?
    A monkey or a mouse, it’s up to you

    Ding dong, trick or treat
    Walking up and down the street
    Halloween Night is way to cool
    Ding dong trick or treat
    Candy and make believe
    Can you shout...