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Dance Party!

Popular Kids Songs • 3m 29s

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  • Kid's Life

    Oh we could be pirates, Sailing the ocean, We could be all you like
    We could be astronauts, Chasing a rocket, Or maybe just counting stars

    We could be dancers, Jumping like monkeys, Swimming like dolphins do
    We could be colors, You can be yellow, We could be purple too

    Call your Mum, c...

  • Lullaby Sleepy Head

    Sleepy head, sleepy head
    Now it's time to go to bed
    Brush my teeth and say goodnight
    Sleep until the morning light
    Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep

    Moon is high, shining bright
    Stars are twinkling in the night
    On my pillow, I lay my head
    Nice and warm here in my bed
    Sleep, sleep, dreamy sleep

  • Cooking in the Kitchen

    Put your apron on (wash your hands)
    Let’s get out some pots and pans
    Cups, plates and a wooden spoon
    Tap tap tap a little cooking tune

    Cos cooking in the kitchen is so much fun
    We’re cooking dinner for everyone
    We’re cooking in the kitchen, baking a cake
    So many yummy things we c...