Will's Favourites

Will's Favourites

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Will's Favourites
  • Ice Cream Song

    Ice cream, ice cream, we love ice cream

    Yummy yummy fun fun yummy fun yum,
    Ice cream's yummy in my tummy tum tum,
    Cold and creamy, swirly dreamy,
    My tum tum tummy goes yum yum yum!

    Yummy yummy fun fun yummy fun yum,
    Ice cream's yummy in my tummy tum tum,
    Cold and runny when it's hot and...

  • Dance Party!

    A fun dance party song for kids, for those days when you need to shake some energy out. Do the actions along with us, and you'll be dancing in no time. Come on everybody and make your body dance!

  • Let's be Superheroes

  • Ball Pit Party

    Can you find all the colors in the ball pit? There's red, yellow, blue, pink, purple and orange. We setup an indoor playground in our studio and had fun playing in the giant ball pit! Yes

  • Astronauts!

    Join Bounce Patrol on an adventure that's out of this world! We blastoff in our rocket ship and explore the galaxy making new friends along the way!

  • Do the Funky Robot

    Dance like a robot! It's easy, just bend your elbows and stomp around - copy what we do! Can you talk like a robot too? Beep boop bing ding ding

  • Five Little Monkeys

    It's the classic kids nursery rhyme "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". Jump, jump, jump and sing with Bounce Patrol! Let's count up all the jumping monkeys!

  • Mummy's Got a Baby in Her Belly (Baby Song)

    Mummy's got a baby in her belly
    Growing every day, growing every day
    Soon you'll have a baby sister or brother
    To cuddle every day, to cuddle and play with

    Just think how much fun it's going to be
    Helping your mummy with the new baby
    The most important helpers in the world
    Are big brothe...

  • Halloween Rules

    What do you wanna be for Halloween?
    A ghosty or a goblin or the fairy queen?
    A superhero red and blue?
    A monkey or a mouse, it’s up to you

    Ding dong, trick or treat
    Walking up and down the street
    Halloween Night is way to cool
    Ding dong trick or treat
    Candy and make believe
    Can you shout...